Mortgage Technology Veteran Launches Consultancy

20 August 2019

DALLAS -- August 21, 2019 -- Jorge Sauri, a mortgage industry technology veteran with nearly 20 years of experience in software product development and business management, has launched a new consulting firm to support financial services companies that wish to grow and scale their businesses without increasing staff. Zedvue helps companies leverage artificial intelligence to work faster and smarter by delivering AI & Data Science as a Service.

“Artificial Intelligence will soon impact the delivery of every financial services product,” Sauri said. “In fact, for some companies, it’s already having an impact on everything they do. Because these new tools can perform tasks which would otherwise require human intelligence to undertake, they are the industry’s best hope of reducing the high costs of delivering products and services. Because understanding natural language requires innate human skills that are extremely difficult for computers to model and solve, it takes an expert team to create and maintain these new technologies. That’s what we’re offering the industry.”

Thanks to increasing consumer demand for a more satisfying electronic process and competitive pressure from fintech firms that are ready to deliver it, traditional financial institutions are eager to pursue the next generation of software development. Unfortunately, few have internal teams capable of bringing AI, machine learning and robotic process automation to bear on their processes.

Sauri’s new business is designed to provide advanced software and components that offer:

  • ● Easy Integration with current systems, workflows or processes
  • ● Machine learning models that improve without impacting other components
  • ● All of the advantages of a services-oriented architecture
  • ● Lower initial costs and maintenance
  • ● Model update and retraining delivered as a service

Sauri developed the mortgage industry’s first cloud-based software for the subprime lending industry, creating an underwriting engine called ‘Arc System (LT2K).’ During his career, Sauri has taken responsibility for defining, prioritizing, planning, and defining the innovation and vision for enterprise-level cloud-based, SaaS (Software as a Service) products. He re-engineers processes to reduce IT costs, increases efficiency & productivity of staff, and manages complex budgets regarding software product management.

“We now have access to a tool kit that allows us to create the software of the future,” Sauri said. “The companies that work with us will have access to the industry’s top technologists, who bring the experience required to create and implement the next generation of software solutions.”

About Zedvue

Zedvue is a financial services information technology consultancy specializing in delivering AI & Data Science as a Service. The company was founded by mortgage industry technology veteran Jorge Sauri and works with companies that want to use Artificial Intelligence to grow and scale their businesses without increasing staff. The company delivers solutions through an in-depth discovery process followed by the rapid development of a proof of concept solution, which can then be improved and made ready for production. Find out more about the company by visiting the website at